About Us

MyVoyageur.ca is a web-based information system designed for Métis youth, by Métis youth in British Columbia, with the primary purpose of support the successful transition from rural to urban life in the five major urban centres of Prince George, Vancouver (and area), Victoria, Kamloops and Kelowna. Ultimately, success in these cities means robust participation in the local economy. Fundamentally, MyVoyageur.ca reduces barriers for youth by improving the quality and accessibility of the information about community resources in a culturally sensitive and anonymous way, empowering users to access resources and achieve successful transitions. MyVoyageur.ca will lead to improvements in services for Métis youth.


Seed funding for the MyVoyageur.ca project was provided in late 2016 by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada as a part of the Urban Partnerships program under the Urban Aboriginal Strategy. The project will be operational for a planned period of five (5) years, with tentative decommissioning planned for March, 2022. The project was managed by the British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF), and its key partners. Community, government and industry partners are invited to contribute to the ongoing success of the MyVoyageur.ca project and the youth it serves by directing donations and other requests to [email protected]

Mission and Vision

The mission of MyVoyageur is to reduce the barriers that Métis youth face through an easy-to-access tool that provides them with tangible and reliable information about the communities in which they live, or into which they transition.

The vision of the BCMF and the developers of MyVoyageur.ca is that the knowledge gained through the development and use of MyVoyageur.ca can be applied to all provinces in Canada for the benefit of Métis youth, who are capable, successful and empowered.

All of the information collected for this project is anonymous – meaning that it is never associated with a name. This helps to ensure that user information is confidential and secure. The user agreement contains a statement on confidentiality, and information collected is used to inform community, government and industry partners about some important patterns in resources use and economic participation, and also about gaps and barriers that exist for youth in the system.

Research is a core function of the MyVoyageur.ca project, which aims to broadly answer the following questions through low-burden, integrated survey questions:

Who is using the tool?

What factors and resources are most important to participation in the economy for users?

Why are those factors and resources, in particular, important?

Where are there needs in the services landscape that are not being met?

When, or how frequently, are resources being used?

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This project would not have been possible without the skills, talent, and vision of its contributors, including the funders (the Government of Canada, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada), the youth participants, staff and leadership at the BC Métis Federation, and the staff and contractors at KSDavison & Associates, a Métis owned and operated company.